1. Today is Thursday, March 12, 2015. Winter is 90% over.

2. Two things about e-mail.

First, and this is no apology for Hillary Clinton, but e-mail doesn’t work right. When I worked at CNN, I considered myself on top of things when there were fewer than 1,000 items in my inbox. I know people who have tens of thousands of items in there.

E-mail has been abused, and not just by the spammers trying to sell you Wen and miracle fat blockers. It’s abused by merchants from whom you buy stuff, because not only do they send you e-mail, but they have affiliates who send it out as well. And going through the trouble of unsubscribing to everything is just a hassle, and sometimes leads to even more e-mail.

I don’t know what the solution is. Sometimes, there’s something in there you need. But the amount of time people lose killing e-mail from their inbox could be better used solving real problems.

3.   Second: I know that, as an adjunct professor teaching news editing, I have to abide by AP style. But it’s e-mail, not email. The latter looks like a relative of the snail family, or a title one might see in the Middle East.


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