1. It’s Tuesday, March 17, 2015. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Spring is four days away. How can any of that be bad?

2. It can be bad if it’s raining and in the 40s. One of these days, the greater New York area is going to have a breakout spring day. The temperature will be in the 60s, the sun will be out and the wind will be manageable. I’m opening a bottle of Champagne when that happens.

3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all those who are Irish and celebrate. People of Irish ancestry have a heritage in which they should be proud. Today is a day to recognize it.

4. Israel is voting today. Would love to see Netanyahu lose. Love it. There are people in the world determined to foul it up — he seems like one of them. We’ll know more later in the day. 

5. A new CNN/ORC poll shows that two-thirds of Americans want direct negotiations to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Which is why “coward” is a better way to describe the 47 Republicans in the Senate who signed that ridiculous letter. They refuse to say that they’re willing to go to war, using your kids.

The American people are also very trusting — a plurality doesn’t think the Republican letter did any damage to the negotiations. Let’s hope they’re right.

6. People who use their brains to think are lamenting the latest stupidity they’ve seen on Fox News: a discussion about whether a Boston-area school district is using the snowiest winter in history as an excuse to get rid of religious holidays. 

So I have a question for people who use their brains to think: Why would you waste a second of a life that’s too short to begin with watching Fox News? Who do you think you’re saving, or informing, by flagging the flatulence?

You can’t help the people who watch Fox News, because if they were people who use their brains to think, they would watch something more enlightening —a test pattern or static, for instance. The show on which the discussion took place has as its premise the scariness that one man faces when on a set with several women.

Let’s face facts, folks. Fox News is a nether world of fear, conspiracy, anger, and bright flashing red and yellow warning graphics. Those who enter that world usually do so whole heartedly (actually, that’s a bad choice of words, because that’s assuming they have hearts) because they are as scared and angry as the people they see on TV.

You’re not going to change Fox News. And there’s no point in trying. It thrives on your indignation.

So don’t bother. Let people think that there are academic elites in Boston who saw 108 inches of snow as a dream come true to stifle religious liberty. Let people think Barack Obama was born in Kenya and became president to get back at America for whatever reason went through his Muslim-warped mind. Let people think that Christmas is in danger of being — I don’t know what, but someone’s at war with it.

It’s almost spring. Somehow, spring seems like the complete antithesis of Fox News.


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