1. It’s Tuesday, March 31, 2015. At midnight, one-quarter of 2015 will be over.

2. Note to my news editing class at William Paterson University: This is how powerful newspaper design can be.


It’s great that The Star has taken a bold stand against the ridiculous pro-bigotry law in Indiana with a front-page editorial.

My one qualm is that it gives up on the idea that the law should be repealed, seeing that as lacking political reality. After all, somebody in that state must want this stupid thing. So The Star wants the Indiana law to have the anti-discrimination protections that similar other state and federal laws have.

The problem to me is that the whole point of this law, despite the governor’s mealy mouthing, is to tell homosexuals that they are not worthy citizens of Indiana. Yes, they can pay their taxes — and the salaries of the buffoons who passed and signed this disgrace. But this law indicates they’re not worthy of the state’s full protection, while businesses that somehow see LGBT-handled money condemning them to Hell — instead of bolstering their bottom line — are premium class citizens.

The law has to be repealed. You can’t compromise with bigots. But, that said, kudos to The Indianapolis Star for otherwise standing on the correct side of morality and history.

3. I screwed up a little last week when I said I would not spend a dime of my money in Indiana when I drive through this summer. The fact that is that the fastest way through Indiana is the Indiana Toll Road. So yes, Indiana will get that money – $4.65 each way with my E-Z Pass.

So, it will be my intention to donate $9.30 to a group that opposes the legislation. I will see how things stand when I take the trip before I decide what group gets the toll money doubled.


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