1. It’s Monday, April 13, 2015.

2. It’s the home opener for the New York Mets. And, for the first time in 46 years, I’m going, thanks to the incredible generosity of my now-former colleagues at CNNMoney. I’ve been waiting for this day for months.

3. I love going to games. I love keeping score. I love the sounds of the ballpark. I love the colors – that’s one thing that struck me when I was very young, how colorful a baseball stadium is. I’ve always been fortunate to go to games with good people; I actually think I remember more about who I went to a game with than which team won.

4. One little thing: The Mets have a young shortstop named Wilmer Flores who has not gotten off to a great start this season. A couple of his throwing errors have cost the team a game or two. That happens – the young man might be trying a little too hard.

What also happens unfortunately, here in New York, is that so-called fans believe the way to correct the problem is to boo the kid. He’s going to be introduced in front of a full house on what should be one of the great days of his life, and he’s going to get booed.

That sucks. That’s not what a real fan does.

The kid didn’t make those mistakes on purpose. And, unlike one of his now-suspended teammates, he didn’t take a banned substance.

Booing him won’t stop him from throwing the ball away, and it won’t turn him into Ozzie Smith. Wilmer Flores has earned the cheers of Met fans because he’s wearing a Met uniform today. I would really love to be surprised, and hear him get the same cheers that Matt Harvey and David Wright get.

5. Hillary Clinton’s campaign-unveiling video was better than I thought it would be.

I guess I was worried it would be her sitting at a desk with pictures of Bill, Chelsea and the granddaughter, sounding overly earnest.

Instead, it was extremely well directed, and tried to cast her as one of a diverse group of Americans eagerly planning things in the future. So I was wrong about that part.

I still don’t think I’m wrong about this: She needs to campaign outside Iowa and New Hampshire in 2015. She needs to take her effort to parts of the nation that have felt left out of campaigns because of the focus on the swing states.

They’ll be plenty of time to hit Musquoketa (I’ve been there – it’s a pretty town) and Franconia Notch and Columbus and Miami Beach. The early part of her campaign should go to the states where she should win big, such as New York and California, and the states where she doesn’t have much chance, such as Alabama and Utah.

Mrs. Clinton needs to make this a campaign that embraces the nation, and shows the passion she has to help Americans who need it. That would be a winning campaign.


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