CRAZY IDEAS – What I’m Thinking About Today

1. It’s Monday, May 18, 2015. By the time this week is over, it will be the Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer. That spring thing went really fast.

2. Social media is abuzz this morning about the final episode of “Mad Men.” Some folks liked it, some were extremely disappointed by it.

Now, I have never watched the show. But that’s not because of any animus toward it. It’s because, for years, I needed to get up for work as early as 3 a.m. So, by necessity as much as interest, I stopped watching prime-time television.

Now that I’m retired, I’ve been thinking about watching the series I missed. I’ve ruled out several, including “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones.” (I’m not into violence) But “Mad Men” is something I might see myself getting into.

So my question to those of you who were regular “Mad Men” watchers is this: Knowing what you know now about the series, would you recommend it to someone whose only knowledge of it is an understanding of when it takes place and the names of the most popular characters? 

3. Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina says he is running for the Republican presidential nomination because the world is falling apart. I’m not the most optimistic person, but I’m pretty sure the world is as well off as it has ever been.

But when Sen. Graham says the world might be falling apart, one place he points to is Iraq, where the nut cases from ISIS remain a powerful force. And If he’s looking for somebody to blame for that, perhaps he should look in the mirror at one of the biggest cheerleaders for the idiotic 2003 invasion and prolonged military action that left Iraq in the chaos it’s in.

I can’t believe anyone — other than his buddy John McCain — would take a Lindsay Graham candidacy seriously. 

4. The first trailer for the Steve Jobs movie is out. It’s the one written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Danny Boyle and based on the Walter Isaacson book that had Jobs’ cooperation.

The trailer doesn’t show much, as Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt points out. But all it needs to do is tease those of us who are prone to like anything involving the principals.

The film is coming out Oct. 9. Unless the Mets are playing a postseason game that day, I’ll be there.  

5. The song of the moment is “Summer’s Child” by David Lanz.


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