1. It’s Thursday, July 9, 2015

2. The Confederate flag removal in South Carolina is about to become real. I’m glad that the state legislature saw the light after years of rubbish about history and so-called honor. I’m still sad that it took last month’s horrible murders in a church to bring it about. 

3. If I had something to say about it, I’d make the guy who committed the crime have to watch the flag come down. And then tell him how he made it all possible. Over and over again. I’d even make him watch replays in his cell.

4. Also real today is London’s tube strike. The whole system is shut, causing a commuter nightmare. When I vacationed in London last year, the unions only shut down part of the system, a job action I don’t quite understand. All that is to me is annoying, and essentially ineffective. My thoughts go to friends in London who are dealing with the hassle today and tomorrow. 


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