Today is Friday, July 24. It’s the 33rd day of summer.

Actually, it’s not. It’s Thursday, March 5 as I write this. But I wanted to make sure you had the full impact of what I’m trying to say.

That’s because it’s snowing as I write. So far, on this particular morning, we’ve gotten about three inches. The temperature, which actually got up to about 45 yesterday, is now in the mid 20s, and with the moderate wind feels a bit colder.

It also snowed yesterday, or March 4 if you’re having trouble following this. Two heavy, slushy inches that were not a great thing to shovel for a man who was almost 61 (I’m 61, and hopefully didn’t have a heart attack from shoveling snow, as you’re reading this).

In fact, it has snowed so many times since the end of January that I can’t remember all the stupid little snowfalls we’ve had. But there are piles of hard, dirty snow everywhere. There’s about two feet on my lawn; I haven’t seen dirt since before the Seahawks didn’t give the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the 1-yard-line.

And it’s been cold. More single-digit days in the New York area than I can ever recall. Ugly, raw, unproductive cold.

There’s three things today — now I’m talking about July 24 — can be.

It can be really hot, in the 90s or even close to 100. Humid. AC going full blast. Hard to stand outside for too long. 

It can also be in the upper 60s and low 70s, raw and rainy for this time of year. Ruining the getaway on a summer Friday. No outings to the park or beach.

Or it can be a perfect, say, 82 degrees and sunny. A little breeze to mix things up. A day for all those outdoor activities you love: a run in the park, a bike ride, a picnic.

All three of those scenarios — all three — sound absolutely blessed at this particular moment, when this is what is outside my door:


The message I’m sending to my 4-1/2 month older self and to the rest of you is: Get over it!

So it’s warm. So it’s a little uncomfortable.

You are not shoveling snow for the umpteenth time. You are not thinking you need a fourth layer to go to the supermarket. You can walk outside barehanded and not risk frostbite. You are drinking cold water and not incessant cups of tea or coffee.

Today is Friday, July 24. If I made it through this winter, and right this second that doesn’t seem like such a sure bet, this day will seem wonderful.

Except that winter is only five months away.


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