1. It’s Wednesday, August 12, 2015.

2. I was standing at the New City, N.Y., bus stop at 5:15 a.m. one morning in 2010 when there was a discussion among the regulars. It was a bunch of folks griping about President Obama.

But the topic surprised me: They groused that he had promised to bring all the troops home from Iraq, and some were still there.

Here’s what Jeb Bush and the neocons who believe Obama squandered his predecessor’s (and Jeb’s brother’s), um, victory in Iraq don’t get. The American people were sick of Iraq well before Obama was elected. If anything, even conservatives believe troops were there too long.

And there were two reasons. One is that it wasn’t our job to build a nation. The second is that the cost contributed to the economic crisis of the late ‘00s.

In his speech last night, Jeb Bush revisited the Iraq problem that originated with his big brother. If the Republican Party wants to replay that battle, it can pretty much guarantee Hillary Clinton’s victory.


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