1. It’s Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2. It’s hard to believe this is the last full day of summer. It seems as though the season just started. I also think that the 21st, and not the 23rd, is the first day of a new season, but that’s another issue.

We’re getting the first relatively chilly days of the season. But this has been an especially warm summer, and in this part of the Northeast, it’s accompanied by an amazing lack of rain. No, we’re not California, but the ground is becoming more brown than green, and there are a lot of brown leaves on trees.

3. There’s at least one good thing about the end of summer 2015 — it also will be the end of Scott Walker’s presidential campaign.

I suspect I am not the only one who saw a coward when I saw this putz.

One who sat on a stage and declined comment after the addled Rudolph Giuliani said President Obama did not love his country.

One who me-tooed Donny Trump by saying that not only would he build a wall along the Mexican border, but that he’s build one along the Canadian border as well.

One who went to London and refused to answer a question about whether he believed in evolution, saying that’s not what he was there for.

One who equated union workers seeking to maintain their hard-earned rights to ISIS. One was happy to revel in University of Wisconsin sports triumphs, but wouldn’t support the university financially and tried to change its charter to turn it into a trade school.

Good, freakin’ riddance. If only this guy could slink back under the rock he came from, a lot of people would be better off.

4. One of the refrains spewed by Scott Walker and those still running for the Republican nomination is that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is a job killer.

But according to a study issued today, and reported by the fair-minded and talented Tami Luhby of CNNMoney, Obamacare has not led to a massive shift of full-time workers into part-time positions.

In fact, a higher percentage of employers has shifted things the other way — making part-time workers full time so that they qualify for company health care plans.

Yes, as Ms. Luhby points out, there are flaws in Obamacare – the president wasn’t able to keep his promise to everyone that they would be able to keep the plans they had if they were happy with them.

But more than 18 million Americans have health insurance who didn’t before the ACA went into effect. And overall health care spending is up for a good reason – more Americans are taking care of themselves, because now it won’t crush them financially to do so. That will come in handy with the traditional start-of-fall cold just about upon us.


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