1. It’s Monday, September 28, 2015

2. Too much cloud cover where I was for the blood moon eclipse. The next time it happens, I’ll be 79 years old. Wish me luck.

3. A lot of people, Catholics and otherwise, derived satisfaction from Pope Francis’ visit. He struck a chord with a message of compassion and tolerance that had been lacking from the church leadership in recent years. Whether the good vibe continues depends.

Will the rest of the Roman Catholic leadership understands why this pope is a success or choose to revert to its our-way-or-else stance on just about everything that has turned off followers for decades?

4. I was shocked to see some liberals celebrate John Boehner’s decision to step down as Speaker of the House.

No, I’m not a Boehner fan by any means. But he’s been what passes for reasonable in the Republican Party, and now even he is purged for the crime of compromising in order to get things done.

The message Boehner’s ouster should send to my fellow liberals is a reinforcement of what the Republican presidential debates have shown: The Democratic Party has got to get its act in gear when it comes to registering voters, particularly those citizens who were recent immigrants from Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The Democrats need to be the party of everyone, and the party of the future. Boehner’s departure should galvanize them, but I’m skeptical that it will.

5. Washington Nationals’ reliever Jonathan Papelbon failed to get his second choke of the season yesterday when teammates and coaches separated his hand from star outfielder Bryce Harper’s throat.

The first choke, of course, was his own performance since being acquired by the Nats in late July.

The only reason for him not to be suspended or released is that it would deprive New York Mets fans of the chance to personally thank him next weekend for all he’s done to help us secure the National League East title.


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