1. It’s Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

2. With all the technology the U.S. military likes to gloat about, it’s hard to understand how Americans bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan. The raid left 19 defenseless people dead, and the military leaders are having to do a lot of explaining about what happened.

The U.S. was right to go into Afghanistan, which was where Osama bin Laden was based when he plotted the Sept. 11 attacks. But it has been 14 years, and it seems like the mission will never end.

I suspect this won’t be the last time we talk about some tragedy involving the United States in Afghanistan.

3. When C.C. Sabathia pitched for the Yankees against the Mets three weeks ago, I was not wishing him well. He was up against our Matt Harvey in the rubber game of a three-game Subway Series. And when the first two Mets doubled to put us ahead, 1-0, I was thinking Sabathia — nearing the end of a mediocre season — was in a bad spot.

Well, he was in a bad spot, but not the one I thought. Here’s what he’s doing – checking into an alcohol rehabilitation facility on the eve of the playoffs – in perspective. Imagine spending most of your time at work toward a project that ultimately defines whether or not you’ve been a success. And then, imagine that the toll it’s taken on you, psychologically and physically, is so great that, despite being close to your goal, you just can’t go on. It takes a large measure of courage to step away. Not only to tell yourself, your family and your coworkers, but to tell millions of people who watch what you do that you’re not in a good place and you need help.

      For those of us who are fans, and those who are more closely involved with the sport, baseball is a really big deal. But life is bigger. Sabathia is married and has children. His wife and kids know how capable he is of succeeding on a big stage. Now he needs for them to see him succeed at something smaller but no less important. As a Met fan, I say “Let’s go, C.C.!”


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