1. It’s Monday, October 19, 2015.

2. Hillary Clinton is scheduled to testify this week before the Benghazi special committee of the House, also known as the Hillary Is Icky Committee.

This should be quite a show. Nothing would be better than for the former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate to put these cretins in their place. Remind them that they’ve tried to make political hay out of the deaths of four Americans who put their lives in harm’s way for this country.                                                              

Here’s to hoping she nails these jerks every chance she gets.

3. It would be odd to defend George W. Bush, arguably the worst president of my lifetime and perhaps in American history.

But leave it to Donny Trump to make W. look good. His comments about 9/11 are unseemly and preposterous. Hindsight is perfect, and to think that Bush could have stopped the attacks if he had just had tighter controls on federal agencies is a 14-year-old second guess.

To bring it up the way he has in the campaign, to imply it wouldn’t have happened on his watch, is idiocy.

But then, what else do you expect from Trump?

4. The euphoria I feel for the New York Mets this morning is pretty overwhelming.

I was at Game Two of the National League Championship Series last night, and despite the cold and the wind that made it colder, it was a lot for those us wearing orange and blue. What we have to avoid, fellow Mets fans (and the Mets themselves), is the vainglory that strikes the Mets down time and time again.

The Chicago Cubs of 2015 are a very good baseball team, and their fans might be the best in the world. Those fans show up at Wrigley Field even when the team stinks. They’re not going down without a fight, and what makes them tougher is that they’re harder to dislike than the Chase Utley-imbued Dodgers.

So I’m optimistic, but still very, very nervous. Those last two wins are not going to be easy.


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