It’s November 20, 2015, and time for Friday Yes or No. I ask the questions. I answer them. Control freak? Sure. But as much fun as a 61-1/2 year-old can have on a Friday afternoon.

Q1: After a week in which the people of the United States had to chance to demonstrate their strength and courage in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, are you profoundly disappointed in the behavior of a large chunk of the American public and in political leaders, most – but, alas, not all – of them Republicans?

A1: Yes

Q2: Does it make any sense at all to bar Syrian refugees from this country?

A2: No

Q3: Would you categorize the bashing of American Moslems – some of whom, by the way, are in the armed forces defending this country – as idiotic?

A3: Yes

Q4: Speaking of “idiots,” should there be a picture of Donny Trump next to that word in the dictionary?

A4: Yes

Q5: Also next to the words “horse’s ass,” “moron” and “miserable bastard”?

A5: Yes

Q6: Is that out of your system yet?

A6: No

Q7: Does it make sense for Princeton to revisit the racism of Woodrow Wilson to the point of possibly taking his name off campus buildings?

A7: No

Q8: Wilson was a racist, right?

A8: Yes

Q9: So is the reason not to take his name off buildings the fact that he’s not honored for his racism, but for his thinking about American foreign policy and education, and that his views on race, while seen as abhorrent in 2015, were in the mainstream of American opinion in the 1910s?

A9: Yes

Q10: Don’t you wish you were in Chicago this weekend?

A10: No

Q11: Is that because of the 6-8 inches of snow expected by tomorrow afternoon?

A11: Yes

Q12: Doesn’t that seem a little soon – or is it that all you have to do is say “Chicago” and you understand?

A12: Yes


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