1. It’s Tuesday, December 1, 2015. How strange is that to see?

2. It’s going to be a few years until President Obama writes his memoir about this eight-year job he’s been elected twice to do. If he does, in fact, write about it.

One of the things I would love to know is what exactly transpires when he meets Vladimir Putin. I do not get the sense that the Obamas, Putin and whoever he’s shacking up with at the moment will ever get together to watch the White Sox on the South Side or go for rainbow ice on Oahu.

The two met yesterday at the Climate Change summit in Paris. But the topic appears to have been the messes in Syria and Ukraine, some of which are messier thanks to Putin. It’s hard to imagine that they exchanged pleasantries, but you do have to wonder how icy things are in the room when the two of them are together.

You always get the sense Putin is jealous of Obama. People around the world look up to Obama. Who the hell looks up to Putin except maybe other Russians afraid not to? I think he needs to get over his Obama envy and realize that the U.S. is his best hope for the security Russia historically craves.

The President, before leaving Paris this morning, said he told Putin that the Russians really don’t want another debacle like Afghanistan in the 1980s. That invasion was a disaster for everyone involved except, perhaps, the terrorist groups it spawned.

Syria and the Iraq mess Putin’s old soulmate, George W. Bush, created are spawning their fair share of deranged killers. It would be nice if these guys could get together and solve something. Syria. Iraq. Ukraine. Bad vodka. Anything.

I’m hoping to read Obama’s memoirs in a world they finally got together and helped fix.


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