1. It’s Wednesday, December 9, 2015.

2. Angela Merkel is a pretty good choice for Time’s Person of the Year.

Americans are self-absorbed, and tend to think it should be one of our own. But, as we should be aware, there’s a rest of the world, and Chancellor Merkel is dealing with its problems head on. The European economic crisis. The Syrian refugee crisis. Russia.

That she’s done it by making Germany not look like the bad guy is a feat of political savvy that’s underestimated.

She deserves the distinction – it’s not an honor – for being an important figure in the world this year.

3. Trump was a runner up. Damn.

He would have taken it as an honor and, in fact, is pissed it wasn’t him.

Trump needs to be reminded that Stalin, one of his kindred spirits, was Person of the Year. But I don’t know how that would play with someone who probably has had a Time Person of the Year cover with his picture on it made up for years.


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