1. It’s Tuesday, December 22, 2015.

2. News organizations and weather people who talk about dashed hopes for a white Christmas are idiots.

Entranced by perhaps the most overrated holiday song, they see the glistening white of snow around Central Park or a community church as the symbol of a perfect Christmas Day. So they go on the air or write that there will be people in the eastern U.S. disappointed this year because of temperatures well above normal.

They’re not.

Here’s reality: Most people must travel somewhere to spend Christmas Day with the ones they love. It could be a couple of miles, it could be across the ocean. And with that many people traveling, there are already enough obstacles without roads being treacherous or flights being cancelled because it’s snowing.

Ask people who have been stranded in airports how wonderful a white Christmas is. Ask people standing on the side of a snowy road after skidding into the car ahead of them if they notice the treetops glisten.

Is a snowscape on Christmas morning prettier than looking at brownish ground and leafless trees? Perhaps. But you know what’s a lot prettier than a snowscape? Looking into the eyes of parents and children and siblings and friends and anyone else we care about on Christmas Day, realizing at that moment that you are safe together, and that nothing is better.

It will be 70 degrees here in New York on Christmas Eve. That’s a Christmas gift I’m not exchanging.

3. If Trump thinks Hillary Clinton going to a bathroom offstage is disgusting, does that mean he supports the idea of wearing a loaded diaper during the debates? Wonder if he knows first hand.


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