It’s January 15, 2016 and time for a late afternoon edition of Friday Yes or No. I ask questions about things other people might be interested in. I give the shortest answer possible – for me.

Q1: Did you turn on last night’s Republican presidential debate?

A1: Yes

Q2: Did you watch the whole thing?

A2: No

Q3: Is that because it could shorten people’s lives to be that kind of angry for that sustained a period?

A3: Yes

Q4: Was anybody on that stage presidential material?

A4: No

Q5: Was anybody asking questions for Fox Business journalistic material?

A5: No

Q6: Is the two-week stock market tumble scary?

A6: Yes

Q7: Is this the beginning of a recession?

A7: No

Q8: Is that because the American economy is strong enough to withstand this onslaught of fear about China’s economy?

A8: Yes

Q9: And also because the drop in gasoline prices, while hurting companies in the oil industry, will help keep American consumers solvent in the months to come?

A9: Yes

Q10: Has there been ample coverage of the Flint water crisis?

A10: No

Q11: Is it a scandal that the city’s water supply has been found to be comparable to toxic waste?

A11: Yes

Q12: Has this winter been a hardship?

A12: No

Q13: But it’s not over yet, is it?

A13: No


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