1. It’s Wednesday, February 3, 2016.

2. Do Marie Osmond and Dan Marino keep gaining and losing weight so they can do those NutriSystem commercials that flood the airwaves this time of year?

3. Is it me or is the presidential election hype blotting out the Super Bowl hype?

4. Democrats are supposedly worried about facing Marco Rubio in the general election. And with signs that Rubio might be emerging as the non-crazy Republican in the field, it might not be a bad idea to debunk those fears.

Rubio’s big advantage in a general election against Hillary Clinton is the optics. Young guy, four young kids, into electronic dance music versus grandmother, major public figure for a quarter century, into Barbra Streisand and Carole King.

Rubio points out his youth a lot. But what is he for? He wants to roll back Obamacare. He wants to halt any rapprochement with Cuba or Iran. He appears open to the idea of sending troops back to Iraq for the fight against ISIS.

Frank Bruni’s terrific column in yesterday’s New York Times explained Hillary Clinton’s problem with young voters. She doesn’t talk about the future so much as she talks about what she has accomplished. Accomplishing things is fine, but that didn’t do much when she ran against the less experienced Barack Obama.

She needs to tackle this head on if Rubio is the GOP nominee. You can be young, but if your vision for the future is to roll back to the past, you might as well be 90. That needs to be Clinton’s plan of attack.

Rubio would be a more formidable opponent than demagogues such as Cruz or Trump. But he is in no way invincible. She should use the primary campaign against Bernie Sanders to hone her message to millennials and others under 40: a Hillary Clinton future is far more in their interest than a Marco Rubio future.

5. You know why Donald Trump shouldn’t have had coffee yesterday? Because coffee is for closers. And Trump didn’t close the deal in Iowa. He lost.

Writing that might get tired. But not yet.


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