1. It’s Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

2. Even if Erin Andrews was wearing a Scarlett O’Hara gown, what a creep did to her in what she thought was the privacy of her hotel room was obscene.

Her privacy was invaded. And then, to add insult – not to mention assault – it became an undeserved public shaming through the magic of the Internet.

And while these sorts of things seem gossipy in a nation where there are some real problems, the coverage of Ms. Andrews’ lawsuit and verdict is very troubling.

There seems to be an emphasis on her state of dress when, in fact, it should be on the fact that this happened in the first place.

Obviously, the fact that the video gives prurient idiots something they think they want adds to her pain and suffering. I think headlines that characterize the nature of the video add to the curiosity factor. Even The New York Times fell into this trap.

The worst offender is The New York Post. I won’t repeat the headline or link to a picture of it, because the Post doesn’t deserve even one more click. What makes it all the more stupid is that the Post and Ms. Andrews are related by boss – Rupert Murdoch owns both the parent company of the newspaper and Fox Sports, at which Ms. Andrews currently works.

I doubt that $55 million can buy back peace of mind and security. But I hope, for Ms. Andrews’ sake, it does.

3. While his ego rivals – it might even surpass – that of Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg didn’t get to be a multi-billionaire without being really smart. And despite what his sycophants who stood to rake in campaign bucks might have told him, he knew he couldn’t win a race for President of the United States.

Bloomberg also knew that running would almost ensure a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz presidency. And while, according to Forbes, he might be the eighth richest man in the world, the disaster either of those reigns of terror would inflict on the global economy would be too much for even him to endure.

If he had run, he would have drawn votes from the Democrats, most likely Hillary Clinton. His anti-gun and anti-junk food positions, combined with the fact that Wall Street is the key reason he’s as rich as he is, would have been anathema with the people who are rallying around Trump. Bloomberg stood no chance in any red state, and would have pushed swing states that Clinton might win into the Trump or Cruz column.

It probably bothers him that he won’t get to be President. Settling for trying to make sure a complete incompetent doesn’t get to the White House – and being worth about $40 billion – will have to do.


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