It’s March 18, 2016.

Since I teach a journalism class on Friday mornings, I haven’t done a Friday Yes or No in quite some time. But it’s Spring Break, and so here I am, ready to answer questions I ask myself, simply and to the point.

Q1: Am I surprised that President Obama is supposedly pushing for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the presidential race?

A1: Yes

Q2: Wouldn’t it be better for Sanders to stay in the race, if only to highlight the fact that Democrats are focused on issues and their physical characteristics?

A2: Yes

Q3: Mitch McConnell shows up at the Kentucky Derby every year. Can you imagine how much fun a day at the track with Mitch might be?

A3: No

Q4: Doesn’t Garland Merrick seem like a more logical name than Merrick Garland?

A4: Yes

Q5: Was I disappointed when President Obama nominated Judge Garland (or is it Judge Merrick?) to the Supreme Court vacancy?

A5: Yes

Q6: Two days later, do I see the logic?

A6: Yes

Q7: That logic being that if President Obama picked a liberal dream justice, he wouldn’t be able to capitalize on the idea that he’s being reasonable and his Republican opponents are being obstinate?

A7: Yes

Q8: When I think of Mitch McConnell, do I think of that line from Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do” about the guy who’s never had a day of fun in his whole life?

A8: Yes

Q9: Do you think Mitch McConnell has ever heard that song?

A9: No

Q10: Was it smart of us to try to ignore Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last summer?

A10: No

Q11: So now we should take him as a serious American politician?

A11: No

Q12: A would-be statesman?

A12: No

Q13: A military leader to inspire confidence in our friends and troops, and fear in our foes?

A13: No

Q14: An administrator of the federal government, with all the things it has to do on a daily and prolonged basis?

A14: No

Q15: Is this presidential campaign scary enough for you yet?

A15: Yes


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