1. It’s Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

2. Once again, scum surfaces briefly – this time in Brussels – to snuff out meaningful lives in the process of ending its own miserable one.

Once again, people who should be enjoying the arrival of spring are fearing people in their midst. The ones who don’t look like them, which is an awful lot of the human race.

There is no confirmation as to who launched these horrific attacks.

But I know one thing about them. Once again, the cockroaches of the human race have made their presence felt before dying off in their ignominious way. What they’ve done has nothing to do with religion or even politics, even though that might be how they’ll shroud themselves.

They believe in death, because their lives are so goddamn miserable. And, sadly, they’ve taken people who believe in life with them.

3. Here’s a couple of things you can bet on.

You can bet on the Republican presidential candidates to say that the Brussels attack shows how weak President Obama is, especially because he refuses to say that they’re Islamist terrorists.

You can bet on them to say that this proves that the best way to protect America is to ban – temporarily or otherwise – all Muslim immigration.

Maybe Trump won’t say, again, that Islam hates us. But maybe he will. Maybe he thinks the climate created by today’s attacks will make his lemmings and would-be lemmings more receptive to that message.

4. If you read the amazing interview with President Obama in The Atlantic, you’ll have an idea about how he reacts to attacks like the one in Brussels. While he understands Americans’ need to feel secure, he thinks panic is a stupid way to respond – and that’s what he saw in the response to Paris and San Bernardino.

It’s hard not to get mad and scared when you see something like what happened today in Brussels. But your being mad and scared is the aspiration of the people who do these things. Because they can’t make an impact on your life otherwise. They’re losers. They represent nothing but loserdom.

That’s not being naïve. It’s just that we have to trust that authorities are doing everything they can to keep us safe. And then we just go about our business. Otherwise, we’re just going to crawl in a hole. Just like the cockroaches who did what they did in Brussels, so we can join them in their misery.

5. I’m sorry this is so angry. In some ways, that gives in to the terrorists, too. 

I’ve never been to Brussels. Or Istanbul, which got hit over the weekend. Or Ankara, which got hit earlier. Or Jerusalem, which get hit all the time. Or San Bernardino, although I drove through once.

I’ve been to Paris. I’ve been to London. And, of course, I was in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.

There are things about all those places that are wonderful, because otherwise, why would people live there? That they’re all now associated with blood and murder on a mass scale is sad, but not as sad as the hole left in so many hearts by a wanton act.

My heart goes to all who’ve lost loved ones and friends, and the other citizens of Brussels who now must soldier on and live their lives seeing how much hate hurts.

5. Please God No Moore is no longer running a women’s tennis tournament in Indian Wells, Calif. This after his ridiculous comments that women are glomming off the men’s game and should go down on their knees every night in thankfulness for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

The outcry against this jerk was swift and strong.

Now he can go home and get on his knees every night and pray to God for forgiveness – if She’s willing to give it.


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