1. It’s Monday, March 28, 2016.

2. Hope all Easter celebrants had a wonderful day.

3. Saturday was a great day for Bernie Sanders. He swept Hillary Clinton in the Alaska, Hawaii and Washington caucuses.

Notice that the word is caucuses. Not primaries. Other than Iowa, Sanders has wiped up the caucus states, and he didn’t do all that badly in Iowa either.

So before Sanders, who clearly has an affinity with birds, crows about his weekend triumph – a word of caution. 

Sanders does well in caucus states because his core support is young and enthusiastic. A caucus is something to do. Hang out with friends and back Bernie. And that’s great. And while some of the caucuses are in states Democrats won’t win in November, Hawaii and Washington are important to Team Blue.

But other than his home state of Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire, Clinton has dominated states with primaries. That five-for-five Tuesday earlier this month — all primaries. Sanders did well in Illinois and Missouri, but Clinton still won.

Primaries are for people who only have enough time to vote quickly before they go about the other things they have to do. They’re for older people, for sure, and they outnumber the youngsters, especially at the polls.

4. So Clinton has more delegates. She also has more votes. Quite a few more. It’s nowhere near as close as it was eight years ago with her and Barack Obama.

Sanders and his people will have more of a case if April is a good month for him. Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania and Eastern Seaboard states from Rhode Island to Maryland. If he can win any of these, he’ll have legitimate reason to be excited. If she takes ‘em all, it’s over.

It’s probably over anyway. But the race is still worth watching and running.


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