1. It’s Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

2. It’s a gorgeous day here in New York for the state’s presidential primaries. I voted around 8, and there were people in the polling place, so turnout should be pretty good.

If you’re a fellow New Yorker who’s registered as either a Republican or Democrat, you should vote today. We’ve had months of debates and TV soundbites and speech making and comedy show appearances.

Now you actually have to think about it. Which of these people do you trust most to steward the world’s largest economy and command the world’s strongest military? Which of them will proudly bear the standard of your party in the fall election?

3. I picked Hillary Clinton. I feel pretty good about that. Whether you pick her or Bernie Sanders (if you’re picking one of the Republicans, you’re probably better off reading something else), you should emerge from the polling place with a feeling of satisfaction in your choice.

I’m still thinking it’s Hillary by something between 55-45 and 57-43.

4. The Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday. I always believe the winners are deserving; last year’s winner for biography was an amazing book about the collaboration between Mussolini and Pope Pius XI.

I’m specially interested in the journalism prizes, and one that stuck out this year was the one for explanatory reporting. It went to the Marshall Project, a nonprofit group specializing in reporting on the criminal justice system, and ProPublica, another nonprofit that focuses on stories about the public interest.

I almost as though I shouldn’t describe the story – the writing by Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller is so good that it reads like a good novel. But it involves a rape victim who was badgered into recanting her accusation – and her eventual vindication.

Besides being a fascinating tale, it is a reminder that young women – especially those who aren’t the stars of society – face a daunting task in getting people to believe them when it comes to violence and abuse.

I highly recommend it. I commend the Pulitzer panel for honoring this. And I congratulate the writers and editors for putting this forward. Here it is:


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