1. It’s Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

2. Bernie Sanders took the West Virginia primary last night. But that wasn’t as shocking as some of the exit poll results.

The polls show that nearly 44% of the people who voted for Sanders would vote for Donald Trump in the fall, compared with 21% who would vote for Hillary Clinton.

The polls also show that Sanders won support among voters who want a president more liberal than Barack Obama. No surprise, there.

But he also won among voters who want a president less liberal than Obama. Clinton did better among voters who want to continue Obama’s policies.

There’s two things you can glean. One is that the voters in West Virginia are more than a little misinformed about this election. They don’t realize how far to the left Sanders is, and that while he and Trump are talking about big changes, Sanders has no use whatsoever for Trump.

The other thing, and the one that I think is more valid, is that Trump supporters screwed around with the Democratic primary.

This is why I oppose open primaries, such as West Virginia’s. With no Republican race left, voters inclined toward Trump can do more for their candidate by screwing around with the Democratic race.

And one way they can do that is to keep Sanders in the mix, forcing Clinton to divert some of her time to him instead of training her guns on Trump and the Republicans.

The Sanders people will say that he can win in November because he draws independents. But if he draws independents solely to mess up Hillary Clinton, it’s a phony argument. Open primaries allow for that kind of ratfucking, as the Watergate folks used to say.

I still believe Sanders should stay in the race. The Democrats who support him deserve the right to make their statement about the issues he has surfaced. He should go all the way to California and New Jersey next month.

But it should be people who have committed to the Democratic Party who get to say. When that happens, in most instances, Clinton wins.

This will be over after June 7, when Clinton will have the requisite delegates to claim the nomination, and any attempt to prolong the race beyond that date will only help Trump and the other horse’s asses in the Republican Party.

3. By the way, when I said yesterday that the two highest-paid hedge fund managers earned $3,234.40 a minute, I was figuring on them being at their job 24/7/365. 

Of course, they’re not. They sleep sometimes, I assume.

If you calculate what Ken Griffin and James Simons make in a nine-hour workday, assuming they take holidays, weekends and two-week vacations, you get $13,117.28 a minute. Or just over 4 minutes to make a teacher’s annual pay.

If that makes you feel better.


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