1. It’s Monday, July 11, 2016.

2. Yes, I’m into Pokemon GO. I can’t believe it either. After I write this, I’m going over to the park to visit a Poke Stop.

I’m a little embarrassed to be 62 years old and playing this. But there’s something very alluring about it – the idea that the game casts fantasy characters into the real world for discovery.

I’m sure the novelty will wear off within a week, but it’ll be fun while it lasts.

3. Speaking of fantasy characters, what about Rudy Giuliani?

He could a Pokemon GO character who, if you catch him, you automatically lose.

It’s wrong to say Giuliani is senile, because I know people older than him who are in far better touch with reality than he is.

But in particular, he seems determined to take on the Black Lives Matter movement, as if it’s akin to the forces that brought down the World Trade Center and gave him his moment in the spotlight.

He keeps repeating the lie that the movement has put a target on police officers’ backs, pointing to the horrific murder of five officers in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter demonstration. That demonstration, which was peaceful until a deranged sniper not involved in it began shooting – was in response to videos showing black men gunned down in questionable circumstances in Louisiana and Minnesota.

It’s just that anybody with half a brain understands what Black Lives Matter means. It doesn’t mean that no one else’s life matters, as Giuliani and other detractors seem determined to pound into people’s heads. It doesn’t mean the Black Lives Matter supporters don’t support police and the job they do to protect lives and property.

It means that African-Americans believe they are not being treated as though their life is important. When Hillary Clinton says it’s important to listen to this message, it’s because too many people are ignoring it – at the peril of the whole nation.

Giuliani is stoking the hatred to gain favor with aging angry white Americans. The best thing that could happen to him is someone capturing him with a Poke Ball – and never letting him out.

4. It’s prime political junkie time.

This week, Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton and Trump most likely will name his running mate. The first event will be a well-orchestrated political event designed to bring Democrats together. The second event will happen when it happens, and who knows what-the-hell the aftermath will be.

Next week will be the Republican convention. The bar is set so low for this that the party would probably consider it a success if there are only a couple of jaw-dropping moments.

Clinton will likely wait until Friday or Saturday of that week to name her running mate – unless that running mate is likely to rile the Republicans so much that she can get Trump to foam at the mouth about it during his acceptance speech.

The week after that is the Democratic convention. You figure you’ll hear from some of the best political speakers in our lifetime: President Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Sanders. Maybe Joe Biden.

Of course, we’ll also hear from Clinton. Hopefully she’s practicing. Especially not stepping on applause lines, which she has a tendency to do.

To top this all off, Britain will, by the end of this week, have its second female prime minister.

Whether this is enough to distract people from Pokemon GO awaits to be seen.


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