It’s July 15, 2016, and time again for 20 Questions Friday. I ask the questions. I leave the answers to your intelligence and imagination.

1. Does law enforcement around the world make a concerted effort to capture miscreants such as the Nice truck driver alive?

2. How many of these sickening attacks have been foiled by good police work and the help of people in the community?

3. Does the fact that France seem to have a disproportionate number of these terrorist attacks indicate there’s something fundamental in society – perhaps in the treatment of non-Gallic people – that needs mending?

4. Did you ever drive to an intersection near Times Square at curtain time and realize that you unwittingly have a weapon of mass destruction in your hands?

5. Is Newt Gingrich the leading contender for ISIS Recruiter of the Month?

6. Trump got “emotional” after the Nice attack and delayed his VP announcement. Do you think that might be an occupational handicap for a President of the United States?

7. Is some reporter going to ask Mike Pence if he still believes smoking doesn’t kill people?

8. Doesn’t Indiana seem like a better state now that it’s official Mike Pence won’t be its governor starting in January?

9. How did you gauge the degree of sincerity in Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton?

10. Do you think this presidential campaign will ever get around to discussing the idea that it’s ridiculous not to launch a massive infrastructure rebuild when interest rates are this low?

11. Is the idea that historically low interest rates make this a great time to launch a job-creating infrastructure program over the heads of American people who might actually cast a vote for Trump?

12. Is some sympathy to the Black Lives Matter movement hurting Hillary Clinton in the polls?

13. Did Dallas’ police conduct in the wake of the horrific massacre of its officers go a long way to erase the negative reputation the city got after President Kennedy’s assassination?

14. Does Trump ever do campaign appearances that don’t involve him standing at a podium with his name on it?

15. Will Trump signs add the name Pence to them? Or is there not enough room?

16. Do you think Trump supporters care who his running mate is?

17. I’m a big Mets fan, but haven’t the four days off for the All-Star break been a relief?

18. Pokémon GO players: Is it me, or does this game make you nervous about what you can’t see when you’re walking around outside?

19. I mean, will I ever go to my park again and not worry there’s a wild Pidgey nearby?

20.OK, even though it’ll be the week that Trump gets the Republican nomination, can this be a better week than the last two?


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