It’s July 22, 2016, and time once again for 20 Questions Friday.

Why do I do this? Because I’m looking for a shtick. (And, no, that wasn’t the first question.)

Here we go:

1. Do you think Jon Stewart is bothered by the idea that he might not to be the guy to take Trump down? 

Why doesn’t Trevor Noah get more credit for making over “The Daily Show” to his personality and being really funny? 

Is it possible for people who don’t watch “Game of Thrones” (hand raised) to get political references to “Game of Thrones,” or are those analogies lost on them (us)?

Did any Republican politician emerge as a star from this week’s convention the way Barack Obama emerged from the Democratic convention of 2004?

Will any politician ever explode on the scene quite the way Obama did?

Why does a heat wave sound worse when it’s called a heat dome?

When was the last time you saw a sugar cube at a restaurant?

Will Ted Cruz face a primary challenge when he runs for re-election for his Senate seat in 2018?

Is it me, or is there an outbreak of really bad driving out there?

Where were all these animated films that are out in theaters now when my kids were the   right age for them?

Is there a chance Hillary Clinton will give her acceptance speech in Parseltongue?

Is it obnoxious to follow a dig at “Game of Thrones” references with a Harry Potter reference?

Are there other people as excited as I am for the release of the “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ script a week from Sunday?

Am I the only person who believes TV cooking shows are a sign of civilization’s decline?

Is someone who says “Believe me!” a lot really believable?

Do you think Justin Trudeau can handle the title of Leader of the Free World if Trump wins?

Right now, I’m listening to the late Mulgrew Miller – a wonderful pianist. Who is your favorite jazz pianist?

What percentage of drug ads is taken up by disclaimers warning of possible ill effects from the drug the company is trying to get you to ask your doctor about?

Despite their team’s lackluster play of late, is this a great weekend for Mets fans watching Mike Piazza get inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Despite Trump’s hour of doom acceptance speech, is it possible to feel bad after listening to Stevie Wonder, or Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, or even Michelle Obama and James Corden sing “Signed, Sealed and Delivered”?



  1. N E Van Anden says:

    I cut the cord on cable TV 5 years ago so I have no opinion on Trevor Noah or “Game of Thrones.” First, last and always on my mp3 player is Ray Charles. I do not drink alcohol but I imagine Ray’s songs are still treasured like fine wines.

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