It’s July 29, 2016.

And that means it’s 20 Questions Friday, which also serves as my commentary about last night’s presidential nomination acceptance speech by Hillary Clinton. Because it might have just generated more questions than answers.

— So, can Trump really tell the difference between Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan? 

— Despite the fact that there’s no love lost on my part, is there any doubt that Michael Bloomberg would kick Trump’s ass in a fight? 

— Are there more Democrats who won’t vote for Hillary Clinton than Republicans who won’t vote for Trump?

— After seeing Khizr Khan’s speech about his fallen hero son, does everyone now understand why using the phrase “radical Islam” is stupid? 

— Was that the most over-the-top balloon drop at any political convention ever?

— Is there a drought where you live?

— Is there some way to make blueberries, Vidalia onions and corn on the cob grow all year round?

— What do you think Jeffrey Lord does when he’s not on CNN?

— Changing nothing else about her life, would Hillary Clinton do better or worse in the polls if she ran as Hillary Rodham?

— Why do you never see videos of Trump mingling with people the way Hillary Clinton does?

— Remember when everyone thought there’d be violence in the streets at both political conventions?

— Did you watch the conventions on your TV screen, your computer screen or your phone screen?

— How many people know that the Rio Olympics start next week?

— Do you take your summer vacation before or after August 1?

— Why is the U.S. economy growing so slowly, and isn’t that still better than contracting?

— At what point did men wearing a jacket with no tie become a norm?

— Is there any better music to write to than English classical?

— Who’s the better actor: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in “Airplane” or Scott Baio in anything he ever did?

— Do each of my remaining gray hairs reflect a time when the Mets left runners in scoring position?

— Is this summer going fast or what?

— So Bob, Luis and Gordon were still doing “Sesame Street”?


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