It’s August 5, 2016, 95 days until the election, and time for 20 Questions Friday.

I’m just going to lay these out there. Some might be gold. Some might be silver. Some might be bronze. Some might not finish.

Here goes:

— Who would replace Trump if he drops out of the race?

— If Trump dropped out, wouldn’t that render the year-plus of the Republican presidential campaign a complete waste of time and money?

— Can Hillary Clinton really win Georgia?

— Will the Rio Olympics distract Americans from the presidential campaign?

— If Democrats were really cooking the books, wouldn’t the jobs numbers that came out today seemed a lot better if they came out Nov. 4?

— Does anyone eat Maypo anymore?

— If you’re a lifelong Republican and old enough, which period was worse: the Watergate scandal years or Trump as your party’s standard bearer?

— Is it me, or is there just not the interest in the Olympics that there used to be?

— Can you imagine how different this summer would have been if Chicago had hosted the Olympics instead of Rio?

— I’m a big fan, but doesn’t it seem a little early for President Obama to be doing a lot of valedictory interviews, since he still has five and a-half months to go?

— Or does it seem like he’s doing a lot of valedictory stuff because we don’t want him to leave?

— What percentage of American offices observe summer Fridays?

— Does it make Mets fans wary that 43-year-old Bartolo Colon, signed to hold down the fort while we waited for Zach Wheeler, looks like our team’s 2016 ace?

— Are you, like me, on the Pokemon Go bench until your cellphone data plan resets?

— Are you old enough to be incredulous at the thought that $2-a-gallon gas is considered cheap?

— Do you think the best way to deal with the sports doping problem is to legalize sports doping?

— What’s your favorite song on “Revolver,” the Beatles’ album released 50 years ago? (For me, it’s no contest: “Got to Get You Into My Life.”)

— Have you had a perfect ear of corn this season?

— Have you started buying back-to-school stuff for your kids?

— If you were a third-time Olympian who won a gold and silver previously, would you want another gold or would you want a bronze to complete the set?


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