1. It’s Tuesday, August 23, 2016. It’s 77 days until the election.

2. The latest Hillary Clinton e-mail stuff reenforces what I’ve said for months: She needs to get past this.

Because it’s not enough for Trump to lose this election. She has to win it.

What I mean is that people should want to vote for her as much as they don’t want Trump anywhere closer to the White House than that hotel he’s building on Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street.

And the e-mail thing gets in the way. It makes it seem like there’s something she’s hiding.

The latest revelations aren’t particularly damning, but they do paint a picture of people involved with the Clinton Foundation trying to influence the then Secretary of State.

So, even though it appears she and her campaign aren’t listening to me, let me try this again:

3. Get it all out there. Now.

Yes, you might think there’s nothing to hide. But some of the people who are voting for you reluctantly have questions.

Answer them. Answer them the way you did when you answered every single damn question that the morons at the Benghazi committee threw at you for 11 hours.

That, Secretary Clinton, is when you shine. You put these imbeciles away and you make people realize, yet again, why you’re the good guy. That you are trying to do the people’s work and those who stand in your way aren’t.

Do a serious one-hour interview with a real journalist, a Gwen Ifill or Scott Pelley. Let them ask any question they want. Answer them all. With the truth – don’t try to fudge or play word games.

Or do a news conference, and let it go as long as it needs to. Two hours? No problem. Answer every question. Answer questions from Breitbart and Daily Caller and Fox News and anyone else. Stand there and stand firm. Tell the truth. Admit mistakes. Apologize for leaving the wrong impression or mishandling the situation.

And while you’re at it, try to blunt whatever it is that WikiLeaks might try to leak out just before Election Day in an effort to embarrass you, your husband and/or President Obama. Get whatever’s questionable, whatever’s iffy, whatever’s whatever out there ahead of the bastards who would bring you down.

Then, you can win this election on what really matters. The issues. Who will handle the economy best. Who will protect the nation best. Who will advance our society and raise our standard of living.

Those are the things about which Trump has no clue. You do. That’s what we should be talking about.

Not, as Bernie Sanders would say, your damn e-mails.

4. The heatwave that gripped greater New York the past few weeks has broken. But with the cooler temperatures comes the realization that summer is winding down.

I hate that. I love summer. I love the light. I relish the warmth, even when it’s a little excessive. So I always sense a tinge of sadness when the weather turns cooler. There’s the realization that this doesn’t last forever, unless you live in San Diego or Miami.

There are many places where kids are already back in school. Personally, I think going back to school before Labor Day borders on criminal, but I guess so does keeping them in school past the first day of summer at the other end.


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