It’s August 26, 2016, 74 days until the election.

And, after a one-week hiatus, it’s time for 20 Questions Friday.

I ask a bunch of questions. The reader is free to answer, or at least think about them.

Here we go:

— If you were Hillary Clinton, would you do what she did in her speech yesterday and give Republicans an opportunity to repudiate Trump’s racism, or would you have gone “You broke it, you own it” on them?

— Who is the imbecile who thought banning Muslim women from wearing burkinis on a French beach was a good idea?

— Does anyone, other than business journalists and bankers, know what’s going on in Jackson Hole, Wyo., this weekend?

— Who’s for scrapping Halloween this year? Next year? Every year from now on?

— Can you imagine the look on Shinzo Abe’s face when somebody told him the proposal for his Super Mario entrance at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony?

— Is there hope for the Mets this season?

— Do you think there are drug companies watching how Mylan jacked up EpiPen prices and wondering if they have products for which they can do the same thing?

— What was the worst year for popular music?

— Why would my local independent league baseball team here in New York’s northern suburbs hold a promotion featuring the Phillie Phanatic, the sport’s stupidest mascot?

— Should Hillary Clinton hold a news conference, or are she and the voters better served when she does interviews like the one she did with Anderson Cooper this week?

— How does a 66-year-old guy perform a 3-hour, 52-minute high energy rock show, and then come back to the same stage two nights later and perform for 3 hours and 59 minutes?

— Do older people still tell toddlers they’ve stolen their nose, or have toddlers wised up?

— Does Trump ever do a campaign appearance where he doesn’t stand in front of a podium with his name on it in big letters?

— Rudy Van Gelder died this week. Are you aware of his amazing contribution to the history of jazz?

— Why is someone leaving crickets and worms on a New York City subway car any different from someone who feels compelled to bring their dog on the train?

— Do the forces that determine value in old stuff – like, say, VHS tapes – wait until I’ve thrown the stuff out before deciding that the stuff is now really valuable?

— Will President Obama and the First Lady cringe if and when they see “Southside With You,” the movie about their first date?

— Are your kids, or the kids in your community, back in school yet?

— Am I the only person who hasn’t had a really sweet ear of corn this summer?

— Do you believe that one reason I do this question post each week is that I have trouble remembering to put question marks at the end of questions.


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