It’s September 2, 2016, and 67 days until the election. Welcome to 20 Questions Friday, when I decide to ask questions for the sake of asking questions. It’s a different way of thinking and a chance to tie up any loose ends from the week.

Have a great holiday weekend, and here we go:

— How great would life be if, on Nov. 9, Donald Trump has lost and there really is a taco truck on every corner

— Are there really people in this country who watched Trump’s Mexican debacle on Wednesday and said to themselves “Now that’s leadership”?

— What is the percentage of Americans who are descended from slaveowners?

— Are your Labor Day weekend plans affected by Hermine?

— Will the taco trucks on every corner sell only tacos, or will there also be enchiladas, flautas and tostadas?

— Is a report showing 151,000 jobs added in August a disappointment or a reflection of the fact that the U.S. economy might not be growing as quickly as we believed?

— Do you think “Uh-oh, Zika virus” every time you find a mosquito bite on your body?

— Would it bother you if you knew that one of your ancestors was a slaveowner?

— Can expired epinephrene in EpiPens be recycled to help bring down the cost?

— How much does kids going back to school diminish the Labor Day weekend?

— When will Dixie Chicks release another album?

— Are you as disappointed as I am that someone from PBS, such as Judy Woodruff or Gwen Ifill, isn’t among the presidential debate moderators?

— Does anybody still use Bosco?

— Is there a portable dome that you can bring for use if there’s bad weather at your outdoor event?

— Did wearing socks with pigs in police outfits diminish or enhance Colin Kaepernick’s position on not standing for the National Anthem?

— If Georgetown is offering preferential admission consideration to the descents of people it sold into slavery, should others descended from slaveowners do something similar?

— Who came up with the stupid idea that people – especially women – shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day?

— How deep is the ocean? (First in a series of question song title questions)

— What’s the most memorable thing you’ve ever done on Labor Day weekend?

— Will the taco trucks on every corner if Trump loses also sell those Mexican sodas that are so popular?


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