It’s September 9, 2016. It’s 60 days before the election. It’s my son’s 22nd birthday.

And, because it’s Friday, it’s time for 20 Questions Friday. I’ll ask some questions that have been on my mind for the past week. You can answer them, not answer them, point to them and say “What idiot would ask that?” (which would leave you with 19 questions to go)

Enjoy your weekend. Here goes:

— In a race in a full glass of champagne, which would rise to the top faster, a bubble or Matt Lauer?

— How about that Trevor Siemian? (DISCLAIMER: Mr. Siemian and I attended the same best-in-the-world educational institution, although not at the same time)

— If Trump somehow wins, will President Obama join the Adamses (and, of course, the guys who died in office) as the only Presidents not to show up at their successors’ inauguration?

— How pissed are those 36 people who spent the night trapped in a cable car above Mont Blanc?

— Doesn’t not knowing anything about Aleppo disqualify Gary Johnson as a presidential candidate, even if he’s only running on a third-party ticket?

— Is anybody going to see the “Sully” movie?

— Was the “Commander-in-Chief Forum” debacle a blessing in disguise, possibly leading to three serious presidential debates?

— Isn’t it a little early for pumpkin stuff on menus?

— Will Tim Tebow ever play a game for the Mets in Citi Field?

— Do you think the fake Wells Fargo accounts opened by employees had better interest rates than the real ones opened by customers?

— Does Kim Jong-Un have a death wish?

— If you’re a part of my generation, do you miss Howard Johnson’s?

— If you’re not a part of my generation, do you know what Howard Johnson’s is? 

— Is anyone ever going to call Trump out when he keeps saying he was always opposed to the war in Iraq?

— Does anybody really think a ring-through-the-nostrils looks good?

— Other than watching your team win a championship, is there anything better in baseball than watching young players develop into great players?

— So how do you think Roger Ailes is spending the weekend?

— Who, if anyone, is excited about iPhone 7?

— Wouldn’t it be nice? (Second in a series of song-title questions)

— Can the Mets hold this playoff spot for three more weeks?


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