It’s October 7, 2016, 32 days before the election.

And, being Friday, it’s time for 20 Questions Friday. It’s my version of leaving something hanging  – actually, leaving 20 things hanging.

Obviously, the biggest things on my mind are Hurricane Matthew and Sunday’s town hall presidential debate. But they’re not the only things.

Here goes. Enjoy your weekend!

— Does anyone remember a hurricane that circled back to hit the places it hit the first time, the way Matthew might with Florida?

— Do hurricanes really need to have names?

— Are they any dolts who saw Matt Drudge’s tweet expressing skepticism about the storm and said, hey, this guy knows more about hurricanes than the National Weather Service, I’m staying put?

— Doesn’t the idea that it seems to get a lot of hurricanes make Florida a little less attractive for older folks trying to escape the winter weather of the north?

— Is Hillary Clinton peaking too soon?

— Will Trump turn on a questioner at the town hall meeting?

— Or will Trump make a spectacular effort at self-control after failing miserably at Hofstra?

— How freakin’ stupid do you have to be to keep insinuating that people – and the Central Park Five, despite Trump’s effort to make them otherwise, are people – who have been scientifically exonerated of a crime are guilty of it anyway?

— Can you believe that the Times story about Trump’s $916 billion tax loss in 1995 was published less than a week ago?

— When Trump talks about ending political correctness, do you think he means something like that racist piece of crap that Fox News put on the air about New York’s Chinatown?

— Do you avoid commercial establishments, such as barber shops and pizza places, that show Fox News?

— Which would Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos rather have, the Nobel Peace Prize he won today or popular approval of the peace accord with FARC rebels that he lost this week?

— Do you see anything good in what Christopher Columbus accomplished? (editor’s note: I do)

— Is it too early to buy calcium chloride to melt ice on a driveway?

— If you could pick a language you don’t speak already, what would it be?

— Is there anything the United States can do to help Aleppo and the rest of Syria without committing troops to a hellish fight?

— Doesn’t a national day of atonement, similar to Yom Kippur, seem like a good idea for a country with a lot of angry people?

— Who let the dogs out? (sixth in a series of song-title questions)

— How long will it take me and my fellow Mets fans to recover from Wednesday’s soul-crushing National League Wild Card loss?

— If your team has been eliminated from postseason contention, which of the remaining eight teams do you want to win the World Series?


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