It’s November 18, 2016. It’s the 38th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre that gave us the unfortunate expression “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

And it’s time for 20 Questions Friday, my weekly attempt at wit and wisdom in interrogatory form. Instead of straightforward pearls of wisdom, I couch them in questions that you can answer if you wish.

Have a good weekend:

— Why do I think of Gen. Buck Turgidson when I see that Michael Flynn is going to be Trump’s national security adviser?

— Did you know that there’s still one Senate race – Louisiana – to be decided, and that the Democrat in the race is State Sen. Foster Campbell

— Do you think if the presidential debates hadn’t spent so much time on Hillary Clinton’s e-mails that there might have been a discussion about Republican plans to privatize Medicare?

— When will Trump announce that the official language is now Swedish, everybody has to change their underwear twice a day, and that to make sure they do, they have to wear it on the outside?

— Is it me or has there been a rash of bad driving since the election?

— Do you think Trump will ever have a post-election news conference?

— Will the Confederate flag fly outside the Department of Justice during the Jeff Sessions era?

— Will burning the Confederate flag be outlawed?

— How cool is the head of the Anti-Defamation League for saying that as a proud Jew he would register as a Muslim if Trump’s minions bring that about?

— What other non-Muslims will join him?

— What ways can you think of to show support for Jewish people in the face of this wave of anti-Semitism?

— Has the Tuesday before Thanksgiving become a more difficult driving day that the day before Thanksgiving?

— Ever since I can remember, the winner of the presidential election has met the loser in an effort to bring about reconciliation. Will Trump meet with Hillary Clinton?

— Do you still think he won’t go through with his threat in the campaign to prosecute her?

— Have you ever called the Butterball hot line?

— What are the chances the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be politics-free?

— Is deep-frying turkeys still a thing?

— Who can I turn to? (11th in a series of song-title questions)

— Did Kate Upton make her point well in protesting her boyfriend Justin Verlander’s not winning the American League Cy Young Award? Or was that TMI?

— Is the insidiousness of fake news the biggest threat to global security?


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