It’s December 2, 2016, the 15th anniversary of Enron’s bankruptcy filing, and time again for 20 Questions Friday.

I’m not so much interested in the answers to these as I am thinking about what’s going on that makes me want to ask them.

Enjoy the weekend.

— Should we make as though we’re at some sort of perverse commencement and wait until all the names are announced before we go into full-scale terror mode about Trump’s cabinet?

— Did you buy an extra box of Carr’s crackers or Pop Tarts in order to make up for some dolt who’s boycotting Kellogg’s because it stopped advertising on white-nationalist rally site Breitbart?

— Why is the National Christmas Tree outside the White House so weird looking?

— Does picking a former general to run the Pentagon compromise the principle of civilian control of the military?

— Do Americans really want to go to war with Iran?

— When you heard Trump had picked someone named “Mad Dog” as Defense Secretary, were you relieved for a moment that a screaming sports broadcaster couldn’t do that much damage to our military?

— How happy is the guy who runs Carrier, having just fleeced Trump, Pence, the people of Indiana and about 1,000 people who are still going to see their jobs go to Mexico?

— Should the Democrats go all-in on trying to capture the Senate seat from Louisiana next week or, as the Atlantic’s Clare Foran points out, should they squirrel their resources for races more winnable over the next two years? 

— Have you seen a lot of holiday shoppers so far this season?

— Is Starbucks’ retiring CEO, Howard Schultz, the greatest marketer of all time for getting us to drink vastly overpriced coffee and tea?

— Who knew there was a world chess championship going on?

— Three weeks after the election, why does Trump continue to overshadow important news such as the ongoing tragedy of the fire that killed 11 people in Gatlinburg, Tenn.? 

— Did you read the story in the Times about why 21 people were killed in 1919 when an explosion released a wave of molasses through the streets of Boston? 

— Are you swamped with holiday catalogs that feature gifts you can only imagine buying someone because you just need to buy someone a gift?

— Who or what determined what people eat for breakfast as opposed to the rest of the day?

— Is Trevor Noah’s evisceration of The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren his breakthrough moment, or was it so overpowering that he elicited sympathy for her? 

— When can I get tickets for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” on Broadway in 2018?

— How many Americans are aware that South Korea is about to force its president out of office?

— When will I see you smile again? (thirteenth in a series of song-title questions)

— Will the green lights Trump gives Wall Street and big business lead to another Enron?


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