It’s December 16, 2016, the 243rd anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

And it’s Friday, so it’s time for 20 Questions Friday, my attempt at an end-of-the-week gimmick for this blog.

I’ll just ask these questions and leave them out there for you to answer, ponder or ignore.

Have a great weekend.

— How must Republican congressmen feel knowing the Russians want them in office instead of some pesky Democrat?

— How many faithless electors – if any – will there be when the Electoral College meets Monday?

— Is there some idiot who’ll say the two-day cold snap that afflicted the U.S. is proof there’s no climate change – when it’s probably proof there is?

— Are people so numbed by the violence in the world that they’re immune to the tragedy in Aleppo?

— What’s going to make the anti-Semites who supported Trump happier than having Jewish people fight each other over his pick for ambassador to Israel?

— Who thinks Jerry Brown could become the hero the anti-Trump folks want so badly?

— Are you going to see “Rogue One” this weekend?

— Is there anything tackier or stupider than those moving laser lights people are projecting onto their homes for holiday decorations?

— Would public shaming of individual members help combat the travesty perpetrated by North Carolina’s Republican legislators?

— Why would Trump tweet out his disdain for Vanity Fair when doing so only gets more people to read Tina Nguyen’s wonderfully hysterical review of the godawful restaurant in Trump Tower? 

— What’s the best way to eliminate fruit flies in your house?

— Do you think people who leave their Trump signs up over the holidays are being hostile or just genuinely happy?

— Doesn’t it seem a little early for news organizations and others to be doing their year in review, since the year isn’t over yet?

— Is there a chance Britain really doesn’t Brexit after all?

— Do people really get pissed off if you say “Happy holidays” to them?

— Why does anybody care what happened to Lamar Odom? (Bonus question: Who is Lamar Odom?)

— Does anybody really like winter?

— What’s been your go-to store – brick-and-mortar or virtual – this holiday season?

— What child is this? (fifteenth in a series of song-title questions)

— Can you believe there’s just about two weeks left in the year?


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