1. It’s Tuesday, December 20, 2016.

2. It’s David Wright’s birthday. Why isn’t this a national holiday?

You know what I and every other Met fan wish for the guy who so embodies the team that he even walks like Mr. Met?

That he’s healthy and happy. Healthy because we want to see him play like David Wright. Happy because that’s what he makes us.

3. I invested a lot of time earlier today in writing some comments about the tragedy in Berlin. But they seemed over the top and way too long.

So here’s the real shorthand:

The Germans don’t know yet what motivated this atrocity. They don’t even know if they have the right guy.

So it’s stupid to pounding your chest about Islamic terrorism and wiping ISIS from the face of the Earth as if we’re not trying to do that already.

In a lot of these cases, the people who do this crap are loners or imbalanced. And when they see people who are enjoying the world as it is, it’s especially infuriating.

If ISIS never existed, these people would. They’d have something to be upset about, because that’s how they view the world.

Get the facts. Use them to find out the best way to stop these things. Don’t talk. Act.

4. Terrific story at VanityFair.com from former CNNMoney colleague Emily Jane Fox about how Trump might already have committed impeachable offensives. 

The conflicts of interest this jerk is running up rival the debts he ran up as a self-proclaimed great businessman.

5. You’re going to hear us Trump haters described as fascists.

And the reason is that many people warned Italian singer Andrea Bocelli that they would stop buying his music and attending his concerts if he performs at the inauguration. So, apparently, he’s not, according to Huffington Post.

So here’s my message: Keep doing what you’re doing.

You are not a fascist for threatening to boycott anyone who performs at the inauguration.

You are exercising what a good friend calls your “dollar votes.” You are choosing to spend your money and your passion on people who share your ideals, and to not waste it on those who don’t.

Because it’s Trump and being embarrassed is the greatest sin, we’ll hear that Bocelli wasn’t really invited to sing at the inauguration.

It doesn’t matter. Whoever does won’t be getting any of my money, and hopefully none of yours.


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