It’s December 30, 2016. Winter is 10% over and 2016 is 99.29% over.

And it being Friday, and me being not as lazy as I’ve been the past week, it’s time for the final 2016 edition of 20 Questions Friday.

Today’s questions will reflect on the year that’s almost past. Most people not named Trump didn’t especially like it. But here are we are, at the end of it, bracing for an uncertain 2017.

If I don’t talk to you before 12:00:01 a.m. on Sunday, I wish you a happy new year.

— What was the moment in 2016 when we could have stopped Trump once and for all, and how do we go back in time to it?

— What shade of blue is anyone who held their breath waiting for Trump to release his tax returns?

— Should President Obama pardon Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning or Rod Blagojevich?

— How long after he’s inaugurated will Trump lift the sanctions President Obama imposed on Russia for screwing around with our election?

— Which will be bigger, the crowd celebrating Trump’s inauguration or the protest march the next day against it?

— What will be the thing that disillusions Trump supporters, or are those people too far gone to reason?

— Will Trump even set foot in California?

— What’s the place in the world that’s not a hot spot now but will become one in 2017?

— Is there any chance this is another mild winter, and is that a good thing?

— What are the chances that the backlash against Trump will lead to a renaissance of real American journalism?

— Is it a fringe benefit of electronic banking that it’s harder to misdate checks at the start of a new year?

— How much more of a mess can Syria be by this time next year?

— Why is the stock market going up, and can that possibly continue?

— How long will it take our soon-to-be former president, Barack Obama, to become the most influential opponent to Trumpism?

— What Democrat will emerge as the early front runner for the 2020 presidential nomination?

— What will emerge as the new trendy food in the coming year?

— At its current pace of construction, is there any chance New York’s Second Avenue Subway will be complete by 2100?

— Why does anybody in their right mind go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve to watch a ball drop with a million drunk people?

— What are you doin’ New Year’s Eve? (seventeenth in a series of song-title questions)

— Can we do our best to make sure Billy Joel’s “Miami 2017” doesn’t really happen? 


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