1. It’s Thursday, January 12, 2017.

2. It’s the birthday of Christiane Amanpour and the 48th anniversary of the New York Jets’ Super Bowl III win over the Baltimore Colts.

3. Of course I’m going to say Trump’s behavior toward CNN and reporter Jim Acosta at yesterday’s news conference was despicable.

I worked at CNN for 16 years and I know how hard everyone in the organization – myself included back in the day – strived for objectivity and fairness.

If I still worked at CNN, I – as the hundreds of men and women in the network’s newsrooms around the world do every day – would have to bite back my anger and report on this slander fairly and without prejudice.

But I left CNN in October 2014 and I can say what I want.

And what I want to say is Trump and the jackasses and jennyasses who work for him are compulsive liars.

CNN did not report the details of the material in the briefing on possible Russian blackmail that Trump and President Obama received. That was BuzzFeed.

I don’t think BuzzFeed should have reported the details, because they’re not substantiated. BuzzFeed knew that and published it anyway. CNN knew that and didn’t.

Here’s the other thing: Trump confirmed what CNN reported. He said the accusations should have never been put to paper – indicated, as CNN did, that they were in fact put to paper.

So his beef is that CNN reported something that actually happened.

Is this going to be a thing with this malevolent clown for as long as he’s president? Because he’s going to have problems.

Other organizations were reluctant to come to CNN’s defense at the travesty of a news conference.

But give credit to whom credit is due. Acosta says Cecilia Vega of ABC asked the question about whether Trump’s people had contact with the Russians during the campaign, which Trump denied. And Shepard Smith of Fox News apparently came to Acosta’s defense during his program.

One more point: The juxtaposition of Trump’s freak show performance with the dignity of President Obama’s farewell address the night before is enough, as I’ve said before, to give Americans the bends.

That, I’m afraid, is where we are as the vandals of the new administration get ready to sack our nation. And the only thing we can do is try to keep them accountable.

And remind them that more people voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for Trump.

By the way, what would happen if, at exactly 10:40 a.m. EST on Jan. 20, everyone who wants Trump’s tax returns other than journalists tweeted him directly?


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