1. It’s Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

2. According to a story by my friend and former CNNMoney colleague, Chris Isidore, this date usually sees a spike in divorce lawyer referrals

It’s also the 119th anniversary of the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana’s harbor.

3. Given all that’s happened in the first 26 days of the Babylonian Captivity, aka the Trump administration, it’s hard to imagine 50% more of this, much less 47+ months.

But without knowing what the hell will happen between now and then, or even if there will be a Trump administration, day 39 – Feb. 28 – is one to circle on your calendar.

On that day, Trump is scheduled to deliver something akin to the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. Technically, it’s not a State of the Union, because he won’t have been president long enough to fairly gauge the state of the union.

It’s hard to imagine what’s going to transpire.

Traditionally, everybody gives the president a standing ovation as he enters the House chamber. These legislators – and, remember, these aren’t the youngest people among us – climb over, shove and elbow each other for a chance to shake the president’s hand, a photo for the folks back home.

Will Democrats actually welcome Trump? After everything that’s happened, will they sit on their hands and attempt to embarrass him?

Although, given the past few weeks, it’s hard to know what would actually embarrass Trump.

Will Trump use the speech to tout the achievements of his month-long administration? Or will it be another in his combination self-promotion ads/rants?

Will Trump waste the nation’s time re-airing his grievances against the news media, trashing President Obama and mocking Hillary Clinton? Will he go after “Saturday Night Live,” Nordstrom’s and Rosie O’Donnell?

Will he talk about being in the famous Capitol building? Will he tell us how everyone is pleased with his administration? How great the team he’s put together is?

Does he think we will have forgotten about the Flynn flap by then? Will there be someone else whose indiscretions warrant resignation in disgrace?

Finally, and I know this is a lot of questions, will Trump back off and not show up? Will he risk being humiliated by Democrats in Congress, and by some Democrat speaking for the party in the rebuttal who is so much more eloquent that it’s plain to anyone who watches?

Getting to Feb. 28 will be a task. And Feb. 28 itself might be no picnic – for everyone involved.


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