1. It’s Thursday, March 16, 2017.

2. It’s the birthday of Henny Youngman, Jerry Lewis and Curtis Granderson. That last name is there because he’s a great New York Met and occasionally as funny as the other two.

3. It’s the day Northwestern plays its first game ever in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. We play Vanderbilt.

If this were a contest of journalism alums, we’d blow them out. Hopefully, that translates to hardwood. Go ‘Cats.

4. Usually, when a president announces a budget proposal, like the one Trump unveiled this morning, it’s declared “dead on arrival” by somebody in Congress.

This time, it’s hard to do that. Trump’s party has control of both houses of Congress, and you still get the sense that these people are begrudgingly beholden to him.

So while there are those who might say that what Trump proposes – increased military and homeland security spending and draconian cuts for diplomacy, health care, education and the environment – are subject to drastic revision, I’m not betting big bucks on that.

If anything has held true since Nov. 8, it’s that there isn’t some hidden moderation lurking in Trump’s craven mind. And Republicans are more than happy to go along if it means realizing their long-held dream of dismantling government.

So Democrats and other people who believe the United States shouldn’t become an armed camp of unhealthy idiots are right to fight this budget proposal with all the passion they can muster.

5. Wow, Muslim Ban Lite got quite the slamming from two judges.

Here’s the bottom line from the judges in Hawaii and Maryland:  When Trump and his henchmen went around the country badmouthing Muslims, it was easily translated into the idea that a ban of people from Muslim-majority nations was religious in nature.

And that’s unconstitutional.

Trump whined about it last night at one of his gatherings of the humanity-challenged in Tennessee.

But, as The Times reports, to get anything like he’s proposed, his administration has to go to court and prove that he and his people don’t hate Muslims.

That’s going to be very hard to do. The video is everywhere.

6. Speaking of last night’s rally, like an old rock star concert, Trump decided to get the crowd going with one of his greatest hits: the “lock her up” chant.

Yes, the idea that Hillary Clinton got 2,864,974 more votes than Trump still sticks in his craw and those of the worms who support him.

And they are worms. Everybody stop trying to make the case that these are people who are hurting and felt they had no other choice.

You might see that. I see people who have seethed at the fact that people of color, women and anyone else who isn’t them made some sort of progress in the last eight years. It drives them crazy.

So when they had an opportunity to relive the good times when they thought Hillary Clinton was a criminal for having a private e-mail server – even though their vice presidential candidate did, even while people on their team were cozying up to Russian operatives – they took it.

And Trump, nostalgic for the good old days, sucked it in like the leech he is.


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