1. It’s Monday, June 5, 2017.

2. It’s the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Six-Day War between Israel and all its Arab neighbors.

Israel still occupies much of the territory it took in those six days. That remains a great lesson to countries that try to gang up on their neighbors, as the Arab states led by Egypt did in the days before the war.

3. There’s a reason London is a target for nihilists. Like New York and Paris, most people there are too busy living to think about dying. For failures in life, this is often too much to bear, so they try to get others to share their misery.

Most Londoners won’t cave in. That’s why there was such a backlash to The New York Times headline about how Saturday’s attack had the city “reeling.”

Reeling, their arse! Londoners, like New Yorkers and Parisians, don’t reel. They stand up. Yes, they mourn and they hurt. But they understand that what nihilists want is for them to be afraid. If they’re not afraid, the jackasses lose.

4. You know who doesn’t understand that? The idiot who somehow got into the Oval Office.

At a time when one the President of the United States’ biggest jobs is cheering on a city in pain, this cetriolo misinterprets the statements of the city’s mayor and whines about how the world isn’t serious about terrorism.

The way he is, by playing 18 holes at the country club he owns in Virginia. You and I paid for that round, incidentally.

The round of tweets – we’re giving up on the idea that this administration has any concept of decorum or standards – that followed Saturday night’s attack were an embarrassment to this country. They will stain this country’s history forever.

And yet, much of the vegetation that voted for Trump still thinks he’s making America great somehow. As if any president before this did anything as humiliating and detrimental to our cause.

5. While I’m in this frame of mind, let me complain about three of my former employers – The New York Times, The Associated Press and CNN.

Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, the alerts went off on my iPhone. The Times: “ISIS has claimed the London attack…” AP: “The head of the SITE intelligence group says the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the London attacks.” CNN at least has a little disclaimer, but still: “ISIS-linked media wing claims the terror group is responsible for the London attack, but offered nothing to back the claim.”


ISIS, if it knew what the hell was going on outside one of its caves in Syria, would claim responsibility for sour milk and jackknifed tractor-trailers on the New Jersey Turnpike if it thought someone might believe it.

Anyone who gives credence to an ISIS claim by publishing it without proof helps perpetrate the myth that these people represent anything other than being miserable and making others that way.

That these people are tangentially linked to Islam is really unfortunate and unfair to about 1.8 billion Muslims, most of whom seem satisfied with that general way of religious thinking.

The people who do crap like what happened in London, Manchester, Paris and going back to New York in 2001 are the unhappy fringe.

Unless there’s evidence – a video of these nihilists in a Syrian training camp, a name, a history, something! – that ISIS actually had anything to do with an incident, it is ridiculous for legitimate news organizations to flash their claims of responsibility.

Flashing that ISIS claimed responsibility for London was less informative than flashing that water is wet.


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