1. It’s Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

It’s the 180th birthday of Adolf Hitler’s father and the 58th birthday of Mike Pence.

Facts are interesting.

2. It was hard to keep up last night with the maelstrom that is the 45th presidency of the United States.

But let’s give credit to the people trying to keep democracy functioning in this country – my former colleagues in American journalism.

This is just last night, in the order I saw them:

ABC News: The tensions between Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are so bad that Sessions has offered to resign.

CNN – U.S. investigators believe that Russian hackers planted a fake story with Qatar’s state news agency that pissed off its neighbors in the Persian Gulf, leading to a break in diplomatic relations that Trump has applauded.

The New York Times: James Comey, who would later be fired as FBI Director, told Sessions that he didn’t want to be left alone with Trump. He didn’t tell Sessions that he thought Trump’s request that Comey drop his investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn was inappropriate – if not flat out illegal.

The Washington Post: Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told associates that Trump asked him to intervene with Covey to get him to drop the investigation of Flynn.

Forbes (that’s a surprise) – Trump diverted money that his son’s foundation raised to fight pediatric cancer into his own company and foundation for whatever purposes he saw fit.

Those are five stories that, if they broke over the course of a month, would be detrimental to a presidency in sane times. Except that these stories broke in one night. Not even – over the course of about four or five hours.

And this putz is still president.

3. I mean, aren’t you tired?

Is there anyone in this country with functioning brain cells who isn’t exhausted from the constant scandal and meanness that this administration perpetrates on an hour-by-hour basis?

You have idiots running amuck in the Cabinet. You have Republicans in Congress complicit in the chaos because they’ve deemed that people who aren’t wealthy don’t deserve much in the way of government.

And you have a guy elected president who isn’t as advanced as any six-year-old. He simply doesn’t know right from wrong. He has no freakin’ idea how to run anything, much less the whole country.

This night-after-night-after-night of scandal, intrigue and mean-spiritedness is wearing this country down every single day.

The worst of this is yet to come. As longer Trump and his henchmen stay in power, the more dispirited this nation will get.

4. Christopher Wray must be a big fan of “Titanic.”

After serving as an assistant attorney general for President George W. Bush and the lawyer for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, he’s found another sinking ship. He’s going to be nominated as FBI director for Trump.

I’m sure Wray is a dedicated public servant. But he seems determined to be on the wrong side of things. Big time.

5. Today’s terrorist attack on Tehran is appalling. If you’re not bothered by it, you really don’t care about terrorism.

I understand what Iran is and has done. But people have the right to walk the streets of any city in peace, and this attack is the work of cowards.

ISIS is claiming responsibility. Again. ISIS – under siege in what’s left of the land it seized in Iraq and Syria – would lay claim to milk souring if it thought people would believe them.

There apparently are skeptics in Iran about the claim. The attack, the first of its kind in the country, comes in the wake of Saudi Arabia’s move to isolate Qatar by leading four other nations to break off diplomatic relations. That move was applauded by Trump, who seems more determined to pick a fight with Iran than to, say, bring peace to the Middle East.

Because ISIS is closer to Iran than Britain, I’m a little less skeptical. Attacking Tehran could have been a diversionary tactic from the fighting in Mosul and Raqqa.

But Trump’s trip to the Mideast seems to have preceded a lot of not-so-cool things happening. It’s hard to believe this deadly attack in Tehran is the end of that.


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