1. It’s Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

2. It’s Amazon Prime Day. I’m learning that that’s a thing.

3. It’s the 250th birthday of John Quincy Adams. He was the 6th President of the United States and, of course, the son of the 2nd.

Of the 44 presidents, John Quincy and George W. Bush are the two who are sons of presidential fathers; Benjamin Harrison, President No. 23, was the grandson of No. 9, the short-tenured William Henry Harrison.

Thus, it’s a depressing commentary on generational progression when John Quincy Adams, not widely regarded as among our best POTUSes, is considered the best of the offspring presidents. The most memorable things about Harrison are that he jacked up tariffs and married his wife’s niece soon after his wife died.

W. has been rising from pretty far down in the rankings immediately after his presidency ended. Iraq and the financial crisis will ensure he doesn’t rise too high.

Of course, right now, Quincy, W. and Harrison all look like Lincoln next to the incumbent.

4. And they look like a combination of Nathan Hale and Albert Einstein next to the incumbent’s eldest son.

This is how fast this freakin’ story is moving:

While I was writing this, The New York Times announced that it got a copy of Trump Junior’s e-mail setting up the meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer.

Then Trump Junior decided it might be better to release the e-mails himself, as if doing that would show how transparent he’s being on this whole thing.

Forget that he and his father and everyone involved in their seizure of the American government have spent the last year denying that there was any contact with anyone Russian.

What these e-mails reveal, basically, is that Trump Junior believed the Russians had incriminating information about Hillary Clinton and he was eager to see it.

A patriot would tell the FBI. A traitor would hide it until he got his payoff.

Guess which one Trump Junior is?

5. And here’s something else to ponder.

What do you think was going through Trump Jr.’s mind when he arranged that meeting with the Russian lawyer a year ago? Other than the fact that it was likely the only thing there, as usual.

Do you think that maybe he was trying to impress Pops by taking this meeting with someone he believed to be a Russian government lawyer? “I can handle this! I’m smart, too,” you can hear him saying, a la Fredo Corleone.

And did he do it not thinking about the implication – that he was willing to be used as an agent of a foreign government to influence the U.S. election? A dupe.

Or do you think he did it at the behest of his dad?

Here, Trump was, just a step away from the White House. The only obstacle was Hillary Clinton. Maybe, the Russians could help brush her aside.

But Trump can’t risk this meeting. Everyone’s watching him. And it’s beneath his level – he’s in the Trump Tower suite dreaming of ways he could profit off a stint in the White House.

So he sends his namesake son, his son-in-law and campaign manager. It’s a prominent bunch, but doesn’t involve him yet.

As long as no one found out before the election, it was OK.

From here on out, the questions are going to get thornier for Trump, père et fils. We’re going to find out how really devoted they are to each other – especially if the son has to take a fall for his father.

Or the father throws the son under the bus.

One thing seems certain.

John Quincy Adams’ place as the best president among namesake sons isn’t likely threatened by Donald Trump Junior.


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