1. It’s Friday, September 15, 2017.

2. It’s Norm Crosby’s 90th birthday. I hope the celebration is more than he expectorates.

3. Obviously, there are some angry people this particular Friday.

Some idiot set off an improvised explosive device in the Parsons Green station of the London Underground. As of now, mercifully, no one was killed. But 22 people who were just going about their business on what is still, technically, a summer Friday are instead hospitalized with injuries.

Kim Jong Un’s pissed off too. The entire world, including countries that keep him afloat, condemned his recent spate of provocations involving missile launchings and nuclear detonations.

So he launched another missile. This time, it flew over the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Nothing fell on the island, but the sirens disturbed the early morning peace and scared more than a few folks.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Friday if Trump wasn’t stewing. He’s hot about ESPN, of all things, because one of its hosts – using her eyes, ears and brain – came to the conclusion that he’s a racist.

Trump wants an apology. I’d say there’s little chance, but it’s amazing how far a little petulance from a guy with brain-dead followers goes, especially when your network isn’t doing well.

There certainly should be some short tempers in Florida, as the first post-Irma week winds down. More than 1.5 million people are without electricity – and the temperature in Miami as I write this is 91.

And an awful lot of people are still sifting through the mess that they call home. It must be hellacious, and you can understand why they might be a little less civil right about now.

4. I’m not sure what cures all these bad moods.

I know I’m in one, for a bunch of reasons that I won’t burden you with, and I’m having a real hard time shaking it off.

I’ve done a 4-mile run today and I’m looking forward to a lovely weekend with my wife, who’s not in a great mood herself.

Bad moods can be consuming. You sometimes live for feeding the agitation. Yes, there’s a satisfaction in having made yourself more angry. But, in fact, you’re more angry – and that can’t be good.

But I’m trying to break it. I’m writing this. I’m listening to Yes’ “I’ve Seen All Good People,” whatever it means. There’s my wife’s wonderful egg plant parmigiana for lunch. I’ll get a hair – or two – cut.

So everybody chill. It’s the last weekend of summer 2017. Can’t change that. But we can try to embrace the good and reject the evil.

Therefore I will. Have a great weekend.


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