1. It’s Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

2. It’s the birthday of Benjamin Franklin and Al Capone. Go figure.

3. It’s dumb to question the integrity of the doctor who gave Trump his physical.

This doctor isn’t the clown who Trump got to issue a statement that he was the probably the healthiest person ever to seek the presidency.

Instead, it’s the same doctor who examined President Obama and, according to what I’m seeing on social media, lots of folks who served in his administration. Those aides rave about him.

And yesterday, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson answered every question reporters put to him about Trump’s health. Including the fact that Trump requested a cognitive test on which the patient scored perfectly.

Because it was Trump, given the track record, some have questioned how truthful the doctor was. In particular, they believe his weight was understated, particularly given his reported propensity for junk food.

It’s silly to engage in this. Like in a lot of other things, Trump has a lot of luck. That appears to be the case with his body and mind.

Let that go.

The focus on Trump’s appearance and those tweets that are boastful or derisive of individuals is a waste of energy.

4. Here’s what’s you should care about:

Earlier this week, three-fourths of the National Park Service’s advisory board quit. Their resignations protest the attitude of Trump and his archvillain Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, toward this country’s national treasures.

Trump hasn’t appointed an NPS director. Zinke hasn’t met with the advisory board since he took office last year.

Already, Trump has said he’ll scale back the size of two national parks in Utah. And then there’s all the crap about opening all offshore waters – except those off the coast of Florida – for oil drilling.

I spent last Saturday at an NPS site – the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace in Manhattan. There was a wonderful 45-minute tour of the house by a woman who has clearly devoted her career to learning about the life of our 26th President and spreading her knowledge to her fellow Americans.

Even people who trash government aren’t stupid enough to trash the National Park Service. People love visiting Yellowstone and Yosemite. Going to the Statue of Liberty or Gettysburg requires lots of planning because so many want to see them.

I suspect the fact that the natural and historic legacies preserved by NPS are what truly show America’s greatness bothers the hell out of Trump and the greedy bastards who support him.

They think America’s legacy is Wall Street. Or high-rise apartments. Or beachfront property with a golf course.

5. I don’t give a damn whether Trump is or isn’t in his right mind. I don’t give a damn what he eats or if he has all his teeth or who he sleeps with.

I give a damn about what he’s doing.

I give a damn about tearing families apart because of his punitive and short-sighted immigration policy.

I give a damn about treating families on Medicaid like they’re stealing something while giving more money to Wall Street jackasses and real estate sharks.

I give a damn about anybody thinking that tactical nuclear war seems like an idea.

And I give a damn about how we treat what we really inherit as Americans – a beautiful land and a heritage forged by generations of people from all over the world.

So I hope Trump is healthy. Because when we finally get this cetriolo out of the White House, I want him to live a long time in history’s disgrace.



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