It’s Thursday, June 20, 2019.

Dancin’ on the ceiling all night long: It’s the 70th birthday of Lionel Richie.

It’s the 126th anniversary of Lizzie Borden’s acquittal in Fall River, Massachusetts. She’s of the famous “…took an axe. And gave her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done. She gave her father 41.”  

It’s been compared to the O.J. trial because most people think Borden killed her father and stepmother, despite the verdict. Thus the rhyme.

Did anybody ask you if going to war with Iran is OK?

Me neither.

The fact is that the efforts to match the two nations in a slugfest is the dream of assholes on both sides. 

Not to mention the leaders of Israel and Saudi Arabia, for whom American soldiers would be doing the bidding. Netanyahu and bin Salman must be giddy at the thought of the U.S. going in and, at the very least, weakening the Iranians.

The Iranians, on the other hand, aren’t wali. There are clearly people in Tehran itching for a fight against the U.S. as a way of finishing the ’79 revolution. 

Today’s downing of a U.S. drone is a victory for the hawks on both sides. The Iranians claim the drone was flying over their territory. The Pentagon says it was in international airspace that the Iranians violated.

Because of all the other scandals and crises Trump and his fools perpetrate, Iran is not especially prominent in Americans’ mindset. The only drumbeat for war comes from the likes of Pompeo and Bolton, and probably from some of the jackals who attend Trump rallies and wear the red MAGA hats.

But even Trump supporters have kids in the military. And if we started shooting at the Iranians, no matter what form it takes, there’s going to be some shooting back. 

Are Americans prepared for casualities from a conflict that seems completely unnecessary? I doubt it. I don’t even think the Trumpsters will understand why their loved ones died. 

My guess is that Trump and the Iran hawks are looking for the magic event that will start the war they so crave, they try to sell the idea that it’s Americans’ patriotic duty to back the boys. (By the way, there will be girls there, too, but I doubt they’ll get mentioned.)

The Republicans in the Senate will fall in line as always. Some Democrats from red states will too so as not to look as though they don’t support the troops.

Trump and anyone who supports war with Iran can take their flags and shove them. It’s not right – and we know it.

It will be a mess. Iran is not Iraq. The people support their government, contrary to what the Iran hawks believe. They don’t trust us, especially given the history of U.S. meddling in their affairs. There’s no easy victory here – and what will result will be a tragedy.

No one asked me or you about this. Unfortunately, the Iranian people and American kids are going to live – and die – with the consequences.


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