It’s Tuesday, March 17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Today is the 135th birthday of Ralph Rose.

He won gold medals in shot put in the 1904, 1908 and 1912 Olympics, as well as a silver in discus and a bronze in hammer throw at those 1904 games in St. Louis.

In the 1908 Olympics, he competed in tug-of-war. That was an Olympic sport until 1920.

Also in 1908, he carried the flag into the arena for the opening ceremony in London. And, being of Irish extraction, he refused to dip the flag for King Edward VII.

Rose was expected to compete in the 1916 Olympics – which never took place anyway, thanks to World War I. But he died in 1913 of typhoid fever at the age of 28.

Why does that seem so relevant?

  1. Normally, a Republican governor’s effort to stop a Democratic presidential primary would infuriate anyone with a smidgen of a belief in democracy.

But I understand why Ohio governor Mike DeWine wanted to stop today’s vote in his state.

We’re telling people not to get together in groups of more than 10 in this COVID-19 crisis. Then we send them to interact with the – usually – senior citizens who operate polling stations, sometimes waiting on line with other potentially vulnerable people.

Now, should DeWine have overruled a judge’s decision to let the primary take place?


I know this is an emergency, but maybe we can try to abide by the rule of law as much as possible.

I think an expedited appeal would have been a better course of action. I think there are ways to delay the vote without compromising Ohioans’ rights.

2.   I’ve seen a couple of polls showing more people support Trump’s handling of this crisis than think he screwed up royally – which is the objectively correct answer.


My guess is that if you think Trump is doing a good job with this, you live in a place that hasn’t really been affected by this yet. You don’t live in New York or Washington states, New Jersey, California or any of the states with hundreds of cases.

And, if you live somewhere like Wyoming or Oklahoma, where social distancing is just plain distancing, what’s the big deal?

Folks, if you think – as you might be inclined to – that this was the thing that would undo Trump with those infected by the virus that attacks their brains, think again.

3.  Today’s iTunes playlist is songs whose title begin with “Bac…”

Right now, the song is “Back Off Boogaloo” by Ringo Starr. (

4.   Because all these streaming services are chockablock with documentaries, I’m trying to watch one a night.

Last night’s was “If These Knishes Could Talk,” about New York accents.

It was fine. But the premise was a little far-fetched.

What accent?

5.   Grocery workers are rightly getting many kudos for the vital function they’re performing in this crisis.

They’re being equated with health care workers and first responders, and given all that’s transpired in the last week or so, that’s understandable.

So let me throw in my nominee for people who deserve appreciation in this crisis.

Sanitation workers.

I just watched them take two pails of refuse from the curb. They’ve been doing that all morning – and even here in a part of Rockland where there aren’t a lot of reports of positive virus tests, who the hell knows what’s in those pails?

And yet, they’re out there taking it on.

I’m thinking of them as heroes of the Great COVID-19 Crisis, too.



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