1. It’s Monday, July 20, 2015.

2. My kids, my youngest brother and almost all the people I worked with a year ago at CNN have no first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to see Americans on the moon. In fact, the idea of it isn’t even on their radar.

Yes, the space program cost a lot of money, although nothing close to what such debacles as Vietnam and Iraq did. But it was the manifestation of one of the higher ideals of the human race – to go places we haven’t been before. That’s an idea to think about on this 46th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Incidentally, the Smithsonian has launched a Kickstarter campaign to digitally preserve the suit Neil Armstrong wore on the moon. If you want to take part, here’s the link.

3. Throughout the weekend, I contemplated what to write about Fabulous Donny Trump’s latest  incidence of diarrhea of the mouth concerning John McCain.

But after you have a couple of days to work through the incredible sense of anger, you realize that Huffington Post has found the proper solution. Don’t cover Donny as political news, cover it as entertainmentAs HuffPo says, like the Kardashians and “The Bachelorette.” Except that even the Kardashians know better than to belittle a man who spent years in a POW camp.

Donny is, as we used to say around the time of the moon landing, a happening. Like a party to tie-dye shirts or when you took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.

So there’s two ways to deal with this sack of dust and feathers. One is to call him Donny, because I’ll bet big money he hates being called Donny. The other is coming up…

4. It’s the Donny Trump Joke of the Day. I’ll try to come up with one every day until he disappears back into his skunk burrow. I’ll get the ball rolling with this one:

Why can’t there be a Donny Trump Joke of the Day?

Because that would be redundant.

5. With only a minimum of ceremony early today, the United States and Cuba resumed diplomatic relations. The move won’t immediately make this a world of peace and harmony. But given that these two nations almost came to nuclear blows in my lifetime, this big step in normalizing ties is a reminder that there are solutions to seemingly intractable and dangerous problems. It makes the idea that there could be peace in other places, including the Middle East, seem less daunting.

6.   My New York Mets won yesterday, beat the St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 in 18 innings. The bad part is that the Mets left 25 men on base, matching a team record. The good part is that they now qualify for a group discount on tickets at the Cards’ stadium.

7.   If you’re in the New York area, remember that it’s hot out there. Stay cool.

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